About Us

F-H-S Athletics Academy is a fast growing Track and Field Athletics Academy with professional coaches for all the disciplines. Learn how to Sprint, Jump and Throw in these coaching sessions suitable for all levels. The focus of the Athletics program is to develop strong, fit and technically proficient athletes, who upon graduation will pursue their athletic talent. The Athletics program develops a structured and specific Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan for all student-athletes. The key objective of the Athletics program is to develop student athletes in technical, physical, behavioral and psychological components. Competition strategy is crucial to the development pathway of all athletes. The FHS Athletics Academy program ensures that all student-athletes have a structured competition schedule that is related to their current Long Term Athlete Development plan. The coaching staff, together with the expertise of sports science and medicine teams, monitors all progression with the appropriate analysis techniques and expert planning. Ultimately, FHS Academy prepares student-athletes for National and International level competitions. We strongly believe that all children can enjoy sport and exercise and we provide a supportive environment to make this possible. We provide all athletes with a set of uniforms and certificate. All athletes will be awarded a certificate on completion of the academy Upon joining the F-H-S Athletics Academy, the student-athletes are introduced to the full spectrum of athletic disciplines. As they mature and develop through the program the student-athletes begin to specialize in the event group for which they were chosen and or show the greatest potential.